360 Fashion Network at GMIC Beijing, China.

Tomorrow, the 360Fashion Network team will be stationed at our booth at GMIC 2013.  We will be proudly demonstrating our award-winning app – Vero Moda at “AppAttack”. Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 2.33.23 AM

北京,中国 – 360时尚网络发布了诺基亚Lumia 920上面的VERO MODA移动应用,该App适用于Windows Phone 7 & 8。软件里面充满了各种符合女性购习惯的贴心功能,是一款真正的由女性为女性设计的追逐时尚潮流的软件。“试穿”功能让用户能够计算整套搭配的价格,并且可以直接购买这套搭配。通过诺基亚地图的支持,用户可以找到附近的零售店,在店内或得促销活动的推送信息,还可以通过“拾色器”工具对VERO MODA零售店里面的商品和用户衣橱里面已有的服装进行搭配.

由于将Lumia 920的强大功能与Windows Phone 8平台结合到了一起,我们能够为VERO MODA的顾客创造出独一无二的用户体验。”360时尚网络的CEO Anina Net如是说。“这是一个绝佳的机会去重新定义时尚、移动商务。作为以为女性开发者这更是一个展示我们独特视角的机会。”

360Fashion GMIC “AppAttack”展位:

vera moda 360

Vero Moda is a true fashion oriented app, developed by 360Fashion Network for Nokia Lumia 920. This award winning app is topped with features for China’s modern white-collar females. Vero Moda delivers a new creative way of virtual shopping experience.

It’s like no other browse-and-pay app, Vero moda features a “Fitting Room” where the user can mix-and-match; by using the “color picker”feature, a Vero Moda user can even create a personal shopping look book according to the color preferred.

Vero Moda App is a one-stop app for mobile e-commerce, it is a fully-packaged app for retail branding and marketing promotion tool in its most creative and inter-active execution.




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