3D Printing and Fashion – for Better or for Worse?

[Article from Fashionista] While established fashion brands are a tad slow in beginning to experiment with it (as fashion brands are wont to be), the technology itself is growing rapidly. As a business, it’s growing rapidly as well. An established commercial 3-D printing company, Stratsys, recently acquired Brooklyn-based startup Makerbot–which makes and sells 3-D printers for home use–for a cool $403 million. Which means 3-D printers are becoming more accessible every day.

During Financial Times panel discussion about counterfeiting several months ago, intellectual property lawyer Harley Lewin (he repped Christian Louboutin on the YSL case) said the threat of counterfeiting was nothing compared to the threat of this new industry: “When the cost of 3-D printing is reduced, it’s going to create an entirely new generation of businesses,” he said. “It’s not far away.”

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