3D Printers for Fashion Studios and Ateliers

UP Plus 2 en 02

Ever wanted a printer for your own Fashion Studio so you could print out prototypes of buttons, jewelry, handbags, and more? Are you interested to know how 3D Printing can be useful to a fashion designer or brand?

3D Printing can be used in several ways for a Fashion Studio to use for their business. Bow & Drape in London, a young fashion eCommerce company, allow their customers to customize the size of their belt buckles and accessories, then the items are 3D Printed out and attached to the clothing to be shipped off to the customer. Allowing for your customers to customize specific items on your fashion items is the new trend in Fashion Technology with 3D Printing.

The UP! Printer is a great, lightweight, entry level printer to start experimenting with 3D Printing in your fashion studio. Affordable at only 11,000 RMB / 1300 EUR / 1500 USD, with a 0.1 mm filament width, an incredibly fast 3D printer head, and easy to connect to both MAC & PC.

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